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ack pain is experienced by millions of people annually and is caused by a wide variety of reasons. Many people think it is simply caused by old age or a weak body, but in reality, those causes make up only a small fraction of issues that cause back pain. With some, back problems are hereditary and they are simply genetically predisposed to spinal issues. With others, back pain comes from participating in certain activities or performing strenuous actions that cause damage to the spine.

Two of the least common causes of back pain are tumors and infections. Tumors and infections cause inflammation that “suffocates” or tightens the disc or vertebra, resulting in a restriction of movement and subsequent back pain.

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About Spine Pain

Spine Pain Conditions

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Neck and back pain are generally related because the spinal cord is the attachment to both parts of the body. The spinal cord supports the form, structure, and function of the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Therefore, injuries of the spine are more significant in comparison to other parts of the body due to both the size and functionality of the neck and back….

Spine Pain Causes

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Back pain isn’t necessarily a condition in and of itself. It is the result of another problem. You can’t be diagnosed with “back pain” because it’s just a feeling or sensation you might have from some other issue. However, if you have back pain, you should immediately see a doctor to figure out the problem and what is causing it. Generally, there are four factors that cause back pain….

Spine Treatments

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We offer several types of specialized procedures at Laser Spine Surgery, including many surgeries that are minimally invasive. Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) involves the use of one or more small incisions, usually results in decreased pain and recovery time, and may allow a patient immediate mobility following the procedure.
Laser Spine Surgery offers an array of spinal….