Back Pain Conditions


eck and back conditions typically fall under the same category, generally due to the spinal cord being the foundation to both. The neck and the back support the form or the structure of the upper body; therefore, the injuries are more significant when compared to other parts of the body. Pain and weakness in the neck and back should never be overlooked or dismissed.

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, or even the symptoms, call Laser Spine Surgery immediately to discuss your options. We can guide you through the process of diagnosing your condition, and ultimately help get you treated correctly. We want to help you become pain free, but you have to reach out and want to get healthier. These following conditions can easily be serious enough to cause permanent damage if not treated properly:


aser Spine Surgery offers a full scope of spine services, from supervised rehabilitation to medication and minimally invasive surgery. Laser Spine Specialists can help get rid of your pain so you can get your life back on track. To learn more about how we can help,
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