Facet Syndrome / Facet Joint Pain



he facet joints in the spine are what allow the vertebrae to stay flexible. There is a facet joint on either side of a vertebra. Surrounded with a lubricated articular cartilage, these facet joints are regularly in motion. They wear and tear just like the other joints in the body, causing them to degenerate. Facet disease is considered when the facet joints are deteriorating, and in turn limit excessive motion to help stabilize the spine.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?


here are four main factors that cause severe back pain. Aging plays a massive role in back problems due to the body naturally deteriorating over time. This causes problems, such as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), and breaks down cartilage, potentially causing bulging discs and damaged nerves. Aging is part of life and there is no real cure for back pains caused by aging. However, there are therapeutic and non-invasive ways to relieve that pain and feel more comfortable.


njuries are another reason for back pain. Many times athletes, manual labor workers, and other people who tend to be overly active injure themselves more easily than those who are less active. Injuries to the spine can cause lingering, chronic back pain, and often times, surgery might be recommended.

Spinal pain is also caused by hereditary or acquired conditions. Some people are born with diseases such as scoliosis or hereditary arthritis. Conversely, some women endure severe back and neck pain during their 9 month pregnancy. Many of these issues cause fractures and sprains in the spinal column that lead to both acute and chronic back and neck pain.

Finally, two of the least common causes for back pains are tumors and infections. Tumors and infections can cause back pain by causing inflammation that “suffocates” or tightens the disc or vertebra, resulting in a restriction of movement.

How is Back Pain Treated?


ack pain treatments differ depending on the location of the focal point of the pain. Massages, heat pads, and electrical stimulation (stimulating the muscles) can release tension and relax muscles, temporarily easing pain. Other treatments include injections of steroids, muscle relaxers, and light exercise. In any case, consult a physician at the start of back pain, as it’s residual effects can be costly, both physically and financially, if it is not immediately taken care of.


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