Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical Back Pain Treatments

Non-surgical Treatment Options


ad and neck pain treatments are detailed and varied. Because the back and neck make up such a significant part of your body’s structure and functionality, it is important that treatments are precise and properly monitored and executed. There are two categories of back and neck pain treatment:

  • Non-surgical
  • Surgical

Both “non-surgical” and “surgical” are just brought terms to put actual treatments under. There are multiple different treatments that belong to each category, but these will be the most common. Non-surgical treatments are the less risky, less dramatic approach to treating back and neck pain. Obviously, cutting into the body is a more significant process, but that doesn’t mean non-surgical treatments don’t work. Non-surgical treatments include the following:

  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological therapy and support



he most likely treatment, up front, will be for your doctor to prescribe medicine for any back or neck pain you are having, unless it is extremely severe. It’s fairly common that, before going to the doctor, people will take pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication, but, often times, that just doesn’t do that trick in regards to completely alleviating the pain. These over-the-counter medicines have become such a commonality for people that they will just take 2 or 3, depending on how many fall out of the bottle into their hand, and go about their day. Your body can build up immunity to these medicines, depending on how often you are taking the pills. Over time, because of that immunity, the medicine simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s a smart idea to see a doctor for back and neck pain, even if it is simply for the correct dosage on medication, because advice from medical professionals is always going to better than from anyone else, and it might be a more serious issue than you think.

Physical Therapy


erve compression can cause muscles to tense up, which results in pain, weakness, and other issues. Physical therapy is an attempt to relax the body and muscles, releasing pressure on the nerves, and alleviating the pain you may be feeling. Stretching correctly, massaging your muscles, light weight lifting, and even Yoga can be extremely helpful in allowing the fluidity of your body, in regards to motion and functionality, to be maximized, providing increased comfort. In doing these exercises, your muscles will become stronger, yet more relaxed, and it can prevent future injuries from occurring.



octors use injections that are steroid or anti-inflammatory. If you have some type of swelling or inflammation, even in the spine, a Cortisone shot is the most common injection that will be used. With a Cortisone shot, the doctor will inject you, then a few days later you will feel less pain because any inflammation will have subsided. There are also other types of steroids and injections that may be recommended by your doctor, but it is all relative to how much pain you are feeling and how often it surfaces.

Psychological Support


hile your physical health is vital to relieving back and neck pain, your psychological status also plays a major role. Negative attitudes, depression, or a pessimistic way of living can absolutely affect your physical health. The mind must stay positive, as it increases the healing factor of your body. The human body heals itself in time, and with optimism and a good mindset, your healing productivity increases dramatically. Even with back and neck pain, thinking clearly and positively can help increase the rate at which your body heals, and it will lead to a healthier way of living.

Laser Spine Specialists


aser Spine Specialists are a staff of medical professionals, and we have the means to help you with back and neck pain. Non-surgical treatments are serious treatments that can help alleviate pain, but must be performed properly and with precision. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, call us immediately, and we can help guide you to a healthier, pain reducing lifestyle.


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